PVC Paste Resin

Paste PVC is kind of PVC powder produced by an emulsion or micro-suspension process When paste resin is mixed with plasticizers or additives, we obtain plastisol organosol in the form of thickened paste like toothpaste We use this plastisol for doing surface, making moulding work or spray upon materials, etc
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From the conventional good latex stability and particle size control of the micro-suspension process (MS) to fast polymerization rate achieved through emulsion process (EM), Cohmia Paste Polymer achieve strong global supply capability to destinations such as SouthEast Asia, Mideast , Latin via our wide selection grades for different type of application.  

CAF: 9002-86-2
EINECS: 208-750-2
Mol: (C2H3Cl)n

Technical data

Grade BPR450 BPR440 BPR1069 BPR13 BPR17
K Value
ISO 1628-2
63~66 71.5~74 76~78 70~73 76~78
Degree of Polymerization
GBT 12004.4
900~1050 1350~1500 1600~1900 1250~1400 1600~1900
Brookfield Viscosity
GBT 12004.4
≤7 ≤5 ≤5 1.5~4.0 ≤5
Volatile Content (3)
ISO 1269
< 0.40 < 0.40 < 0.40 < 0.40 < 0.40
Key Characteristic -proper Low viscosity and good viscosity stability
-excellent foaming property
-uniform finish after spread coating in high speed
- Low viscosity and good viscosity stability
-Good defoaming property
-Very good heat stability
- High physical strength, excellent acid reisitanencet, water resisitantence, and transparency
- Low viscosity and good viscosity stability
-Good defoaming property
-Very good heat stability
-High molecular weight, low viscosity, excellent wear resistance, water resistance, thermal stability and transparency
- Low viscosity and good viscosity stability
-very good foaming property
-Very good heat stability
foamed products has very good elsticity and softness
- Low viscosity and good viscosity stability
-Good mold release property
-Very good heat stability
-High molecular weight,high physical strength, gloss fogging finish on finished products surface,wear resistance, water resistance,
Recommended Application -Synthetic leather (foam layer)
- Wallpaper
- Adhesive
-yoga mats
- Automotive sealant and adhesive
- Printing ink
- Carpet adhesive and backing
 -Synthetic leather (top layer),Embossed foam for systhetic leather
-rigid toys, insulating bush
-Car carpet
- Conveyor belt
-plastic film,
- Automotive sealant
 -elastic,Resilient  flooring
-car carpets
-top layer of leather auto- seat  fitness ball,
-car seats leather 
-leather shoes.
-Products made by rotational molding, slush molding, dipping or casting
- Automotive sealant
-Synthetic leather ,wall paper,
-toys, commercial flooring
-sealing compound
-bottle cap cushion
-latex-like gloves, medical gloves, work gloves, pvc dotted gloves
-spread coating
- Conveyor belt
-bottle cap cushion

*1) Paste PVC is typical values measured and recorded in accordance with GBT12004.4 , equal to ISO 1628-2
*2) Unmeasurable (100phr polymer resin , 60phr DOP). 3,500mPa.s (100phr polymer resin, 160phr DOP)
More details in TDS and MSDS

It is packed with polypropylene film and syntactic fiber bag. The weight of each bag is 20kg. A 40H takes 25 tons.

Storage and Precautions
It should be stored in a dry and well-ventilated place to prevent it from moisture rain and high temperature, insulation, bag throwing and other mechanical damage.